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Climate change: how MEPs want to protect our forests

Forests play a crucial role in maintaining our ecosystem, for example by capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere that would otherwise contribute to global warming. Parliament is currently looking at plans to make every EU country compensate for emissions caused by deforestation. The environment committee approved the plans in July and MEPs will vote on it during  the plenary session in September. Without the Parliament's consent, the proposals will not be able to enter into force.
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EP President concluding the official visit to Montenegro

European Parliament President, Antonio Tajani, was paying an official visit to Montenegro from 18 to 19 July 2017. At the end of his visit President said: "I wanted my first visit to a non-EU Member State to be in Montenegro to send a strong signal to our partners in the Western Balkans: Europe is present and committed to the EU perspective of the whole of the region. This is the message I imperatively want to convey to the people of Montenegro and their political leaders".

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From waste to Innovative and greener fertilisers
Innovative fertilisers produced from organic or recycled materials will have easier access to the EU single market, under draft rules put to the vote on Thursday. Existing EU rules on fertilisers cover mainly conventional fertilisers, typically extracted from mines or produced chemically, with high energy-consumption and CO2 production. Diverging national rules make it difficult for producers of organic fertilisers to sell and use them across the EU single market.